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According to the existing law, the annual financial statements of a limited company incorporated in Hong Kong shall be required to be audited by an eligible accountant. We provide high quality audit service that we obtain abundant and professional experience in handling difference business audits. We provide in preparing the statutory audit financial statements including cash flow statements, income statements and balance sheets.


Our services include:


Statutory Audit

According to the existing law, statutory audits are compulsory audits that must be implemented and the annual financial statements of a limited company incorporated in Hong Kong shall be audited by a qualified accountant. Our professional auditors will review the income statement and balance sheet according to the auditing criteria and provide the accurate legal audit report for the guests.


Internal Audit

Our internal audit team comprises experts in accounting, audit and forensic accounting etc. Clients using our internal audit service range from larger businesses to not for profit and public sector organizations.


Disciplined approach

We take a systematic, disciplined approach in order to provide insightful evaluations and recommendations on how the client's organisation can improve the effectiveness of its risk management, controls and governance processes.


At Pro Max , we act as auditor and adviser to a large range of such businesses, including:

• Family-owned companies

• Start-up or early-stage businesses

• Companies that are planning to consolidate or to grow geographically or organically


Our advantage

• We take a relationship based approach to its audit, working closely with our clients to develop a deep understanding of their businesses and their markets.

• Our audit process is sharp and focused, identifying the risks and concentrating on material issues

• We have a strong commercial focus and expert knowledge across a variety of business sectors.

• We provide a wide range of other advisory services


Special Purpose Audit

Special Purpose Audit


Today, the business environment is becoming increasingly complex, companies may need to conduct a special audit for different operational reasons to meet different management objectives and needs. Customers may need to report a component of the financial statements, and we can meet the customer's requirements. We offer highly personalized services led by partners and senior staff.


Our scope of service includes:

• Special audit for mergers, acquisitions, corporate listings and litigation matters

• Debt reorganization

• Royalties audit

• Profit Prediction Audit

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